1. Episode 5: Cirque d’ Art

    Watch this episode… Luke and Karen, unbeknownst to each other, wind up at the same avant-garde art show with dates: Luke who finds himself with a little too much “Sparkle,” and Karen with a very nosy comedian (Rick Shapiro). Starring: Renee Kay Joseph Russo Rick Shapiro Mika Sullivan Kim Hamilton
  2. Episode 4: Candy Rock and Roll

    Watch this episode… Karen, who normally dates conservative men, decides to branch out but finds that dating an artist may not be as romantic as she once believed.  Luke, reverting to old habits, dates a hot blonde who may have excess baggage.  Luke and Karen share a chance encounter.
  3. Episode 3: OHs and Hoes

    Watch this episode… With little support, but a ton of affection from his loud, competitive, video-gamer roommate, Ben. Luke attempts to navigate the online dating circuit. After an exhausting overnight profile search, Luke is very optimistic and narrows it down to Denise. Luke cannot save face as Denise asks him...
  4. Episode 2: Spank Me Not

    Watch this episode… Karen is the poster child for the perfect mate. She’s beautiful, fit, can pay her own way, but she’s missing out on Love! She makes the commitment to journey into the online dating market at the encouragement of her “stay at home” sister/roommate. Her “stay at home”...
  5. Episode 1: Meet Her, Meet Him

    Watch this episode… Meet Karen, she’s in the middle of her Bridezilla cousin’s shower gone bad.  Accompanied by her besties Sam and Monica, they try to endure this premarital insanity. Meet Luke, a former “player” who is finally realizing he wants the real deal.  At his friend Tommy’s bachelor party...

About The Series

Are you looking for Mr. or Mrs. right? Searching for that one and only soul mate? Then you have something in common with Luke and Karen. Join both of them on their wild adventure searching for love. Created by Renee Kay Production Company: Dancing Flame Production and Winged Warrior Entertainment Produced By Lauren Patrice Nadler and Renee Kay Directed by Lauren Patrice Nadler Written by Renee Kay and Brian Michael Riley Starring Renee Kay and Joey Russo with Brit Morgan and Rick Shapiro


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Series Regulars

Renee Kay …. Karen
Joey Russo …. Luke
Joe Grubbs …. Ben
Kristin Korsnes …. Tracey