1. Episode 11: It’s You and Me

    Watch this episode… Both Karen and Luke are fed up with all the horrible crazy dates and decide to cancel their accounts. They are both about to click the cancel bottom when simultaneously a match pops up and it’s a picture of one another. They recognize each other and decide...
  2. Episode 10: I Kissed a Girl

    Watch this episode… Karen decides she is done with men and is open to the idea of dating women suggested by her gay friend Sam. Karen and Sam make a deal Karen goes for gay and he goes for straight. Sam finds Luke on the dating site posing as Samantha...
  3. Episode 9: Drunkin Bitch

    Watch this episode… Karen’s date goes south when her match shows up inebriated.  Fed up, she swears off men forever.  Luke has drinks with a business woman who is only interested in the bottom line. STARRING: Renee Kay Joseph Russo Jenny Mendoza Tye Edwards Kristin Korsnes
  4. Episode 8: It’s a Mob Scene

    Watch this episode… Karen is looking forward to meeting her date, Anthony, who is an “exterminator,” at a house party that he is hosting. What exactly he “exterminates” is unclear. Karen brings her friend Monica to the party hoping that she will also meet someone. Upon arriving at the party,...
  5. Episode 7: Running Lies

    Watch this episode… Luke’s friend Vinnie, and Karen’s sister Tracey, have sparks upon a chance encounter.  Karen has a run-in with a stalker, and Luke feels deceived by his date. STARRING: Renee Kay Joseph Russo Nicole Travolta Ronnie Rose Jr. Joe Grubbs Kristin Korsnes
  6. Episode 6: Come Quickly My Love

    Watch this episode… Karen preps for and goes on a passionate date, but it ends in disappointment.  Luke hangs out with his roommate who encourages less than proper behavior. STARRING: Renee Kay Joseph Russo Giovanni Bejarano Joe Grubbs Michelle Pascarella Ray Paolantonio Kristin Korsnes

About The Series

Are you looking for Mr. or Mrs. right? Searching for that one and only soul mate? Then you have something in common with Luke and Karen. Join both of them on their wild adventure searching for love. Created by Renee Kay Production Company: Dancing Flame Production and Winged Warrior Entertainment Produced By Lauren Patrice Nadler and Renee Kay Directed by Lauren Patrice Nadler Written by Renee Kay and Brian Michael Riley Starring Renee Kay and Joey Russo with Brit Morgan and Rick Shapiro


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Series Regulars

Renee Kay …. Karen
Joey Russo …. Luke
Joe Grubbs …. Ben
Kristin Korsnes …. Tracey