Lauren Patrice Nadler

Teaching led to a string of behind the scenes experiences, including an independent film casting career in NYC that resulted in casting 2002 academy award winner Adrian Brody of The Pianist in his first lead role in Ten Benny, as well as the NYC casting for Restaurant which featured a host of up and coming stars. Lauren then ended up as a First and Second Assistant Director on numerous independent films [more]

Brian Michael Riley

Brian received a degree in screenwriting, directing and theatre from the University of Miami, Florida.  His script “Future Tense” was the first student project to be filmed at Universal Studios Orlando.  Brian’s plays have been produced in Connecticut, New York, Miami, and San Francisco.  [more]

Abe Portillo

Abe Portillo is a Cinematographer and Editor, who has been in film and television production year round for the last 5 years. He began film making while attending Pasadena City College, under the guidance of Peter J. Soto who was mentored by cinematographer John Toll, ASC (Legends of the Fall”, Braveheart”) [more]

Rachel Wooters
Make-up/Hair Artist

Rachel Wooters is a makeup artist from Illinois. She has had an extensive career in the world of makeup. Mastering the art of beauty makeup was like second nature to Rachel, as an artist it just clicked. Persuing cosmetology after highschool Rachel soon realized her passion was making faces. [more]

About The Series

Are you looking for Mr. or Mrs. right? Searching for that one and only soul mate? Then you have something in common with Luke and Karen. Join both of them on their wild adventure searching for love. Created by Renee Kay Production Company: Dancing Flame Production and Winged Warrior Entertainment Produced By Lauren Patrice Nadler and Renee Kay Directed by Lauren Patrice Nadler Written by Renee Kay and Brian Michael Riley Starring Renee Kay and Joey Russo with Brit Morgan and Rick Shapiro


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Series Regulars

Renee Kay …. Karen
Joey Russo …. Luke
Joe Grubbs …. Ben
Kristin Korsnes …. Tracey