City: NJ
Profession: Bartender
Likes: loves to party, dogs, Jersey Shore
Kids? Yes

Description: a hot, “mouthy”, whiskey pounder who seems to be the love child of Andrew Dice Clay and that chick Marisa Tomei played in My Cousin Vinnie. Will Luke be driven to drink, celibacy…or both?


Kim Hamilton (Denise) has been acting since she exited the womb. She’s a proud alumni of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC and is now a big fan of living in Los Angeles making her dreams come true. Some of her favorite stage credits are ‘Donna’ in “the dreamer examines his pillow”, ‘Cybil’ in “The Altruists”, and ‘Teresa’ in “An Italian American Reconciliation”. She is a member of “The Mechanicals Theatre Company” here in LA based out of The Pico Playhouse. She has 4 short films circulating in festivals, one of them “Lukewarm” premiering at the Cannes Film Festival, and is in preparation for a supporting role in a feature this spring. You can catch her at the Odyssey Theatre this spring as well in the world premiere of “The Boomerang Effect”. ‘It’s You, Not Me” is her 3rd webisode to appear in and her favorite to date. Always a pleasure to play a loudmouthed New Yorker.

About The Series

Are you looking for Mr. or Mrs. right? Searching for that one and only soul mate? Then you have something in common with Luke and Karen. Join both of them on their wild adventure searching for love. Created by Renee Kay Production Company: Dancing Flame Production and Winged Warrior Entertainment Produced By Lauren Patrice Nadler and Renee Kay Directed by Lauren Patrice Nadler Written by Renee Kay and Brian Michael Riley Starring Renee Kay and Joey Russo with Brit Morgan and Rick Shapiro


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Series Regulars

Renee Kay …. Karen
Joey Russo …. Luke
Joe Grubbs …. Ben
Kristin Korsnes …. Tracey